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Obstretrics Dr Jamie Friebe

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Gynaecology : Bookings & Billing

Make a Booking

To schedule an appointment with Dr Friebe, or for any other enquiries regarding the practice, please contact reception by either phone or email.
Remember to bring your referral letter from your GP or existing specialist along to your appointment. Without a current referral letter, you will be unable to claim back your Medicare rebate from your appointment fee.

Fees and Billing

Dr Friebe charges above the Medicare Benefits Schedule for out-of-hospital and in-hospital services. However, we have attempted to minimise patient ‘out of pocket’ expenses. You will be issued with an invoice at the end of the consultation and payment at that time is both expected and appreciated. You will need to pay the account in full and then take the invoice and receipt to Medicare for a rebate.

We accept all major credit cards, personal cheques and EFTPOS for your convenience.

Additional Expenses

During the course of your management and/or treatment you may incur additional expenses and these may include: blood tests, ultrasound scans or x-rays, anaesthetic services and hospital fees. If a procedure is performed at the time of the consultation, you will be charged extra for this.

Procedures may include a colposcopy, biopsy, insertion of hormone implant (e.g. Implanon), IUD (e.g. Mirena) or pessary. You will be able to claim a Medicare rebate for these procedures, however, you may be charged extra for the implant or pessary.

Informed Financial Consent

This practice is committed to providing patients with informed financial consent for any in-hospital surgery. However, this may not be possible in an emergency situation. In most cases it will be accurate but it may vary if something different or extra needs to be done at the time of surgery. The anaesthetist can also give you an estimate if you contact them and give them the item number or procedure description.

If you have any questions in regarding the fees relating to your surgery please contact the office on (07) 3353 7034

Medicare Safety Net

Patients are now protected against big, cumulative medical bills for Medicare services provided outside hospital, including specialist consultations. All families and couples need to register. Even if all your family members are listed on your Medicare card you still need to register for the safety net.

Each family member needs to be identified so their medical costs can be counted toward your family’s safety net. Individuals are automatically registered – just keep your contact details up-to-date with Medicare. Registering is free.

To register for the Medicare Safety Net phone 132 011 or visit the Medicare website at www.medicare.gov.au

On Call Arrangements

Currently, Jamie provides his own cover for his patients from 6am Monday until 12pm Friday. From 12pm Friday until 6am Monday (i.e. weekends), there is an arrangement between Dr Christopher Price, Dr Kate Kerridge and Dr Michaela Hock to share the weekend call on a one-in-four-week basis.