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Fertility and IVF Services

Dr Friebe is a practicing consultant with Life Fertility Clinic and offers a full range of infertility services. Initial consultation take place at Dr Friebe's consulting rooms at North West Private Hospital.

Surgical procedures can be performed at North West Private Hospital or St Andrews War Memorial Hospital depending on which is more convenient for the patient. The embryo transfer procedure, i.e. the last step of the IVF cycle can only be performed at the LIFE fertility rooms at St Andrew’s Place, Spring Hill.

Services offered in conjunction with Life Fertility Clinic include:

  • Full investigation for female and male causes of infertility, including blood tests, ultrasound and laparoscopy procedures as indicated.
  • Controlled clomiphene ovarian stimulation and follicle tracking for anovulation disorders.
  • Controlled ovarian stimulation with low dose FSH to achieve regular ovulation when clomiphene has not been successful.
  • Intrauterine insemination cycles.
  • IVF cycles.
  • ICSI for sperm disorders (performed through the LIFE fertility lab).
  • Testicular biopsy (TESA), to obtain sperm when clinically required.